5 Games to Play in London Bridge

All that being locked in the house with games consoles and board games over the past 18 months has given people a considerable thirst for competition. Now we’re not limited to playing games with our families and housemates we can seek new opportunities to take people on and display our unsightly competitive natures!

We’ve picked-out 5 games venues in the London Bridge area, but there are many more. We’d love to see you in action on Instagram @atlondonbridge

1. Escape Rooms London Bridge

You can’t beat an Escape Room for causing arguments! But it’s also a great way of finding out how to work together to complete some complex and testing puzzles. There are two Escape Rooms in London Bridge, the Pharaoh’s Chamber – A Cursed Tomb, and Room 33. Designed for 3-7 players the two games last around an hour.

Rear of 134 Tooley St, London SE1 2TU

2. Bermondsey Bierkeller

Deep beneath London Bridge, a games vault has been designed for those who love to be entertained. Watch live sports, play darts or table football, thrash your mates at American pool or give the traditional German game of stein holding a try! The Bermondsey Bierkeller also has an outstanding range of German beers – natch! 

2-4 Tooley St, London SE1 2SY

3. Electric Shuffle

Set in a lavish railway arch on Bermondsey Street, the clever people behind Flight Club have used their vision and tech knowhow to reimagine the traditional game of shuffleboard. Using the exact location of the pucks on the table to score games automatically, punters will find this new past time simple to pick up and addictive. You can have a game of Electric Shuffle with up to 16 players at one time! 

10 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 2ER

4. Doodle Bar

With over 20 gins and a menu of local craft beers it’s no surprise that patrons can get a little ‘competitive’ as the hours pass. Luckily, Doodle Bar have provided table tennis to provide an outlet for our need for games, allowing us to avoid less dignified pursuits such as arm wrestling. 

60 Druid St, London SE1 2EZ

5. HMS Belfast – Family Mission: D-Day Edition

Having lost at table tennis, shuffleboard and table football, the only option that remains is to beat the kids at something to regain some pride! HMS Belfast is hosting a D-Day Edition of their Family Mission during the school holidays, Sat 23 until Sun 31 Oct and Sat 18 until Thu 30 Dec, daily. Split into teams and use your Kit Bag to find hidden messages, predict the weather for sailing, discover ship life and crack Morse code.

HMS Belfast, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2JH