by David Batchelor

Location: Evergreen is planted on the London riverfront, overlooking HMS Belfast and standing just above The Queen’s Walk, close to the hotels, bars and restaurants of London Bridge City.

David Batchelor’s vibrant Evergreen provides light and colour, even on the darkest winter day. Sited within a cluster of real trees, it shines out like a playful beacon inviting visitors to look closer. As the neighbouring trees change throughout the seasons, losing and re-growing foliage, Evergreen remains permanently illuminated, never changing its dynamic spring green colour at the top of its highly polished, stainless steel trunk that complements the surrounding glass and steel architecture of its surroundings.

Commissioned by London Bridge City.

David Batchelor

David Batchelor is an artist and writer who was born in Dundee and lives and works in London. His work is concerned primarily with colour and with the way we see and respond to different hues in the digital age. He makes sculptural installations out of found objects, accumulating mass-produced items – disused domestic objects, and scrap industrial materials – which he repurposes to create colourful, often luminous, structures and forms.