Every blade of grass is worth its weight in gold

by Gross Max 2006/7

Engraving of words spoken by Lil Patrick, Southwark resident (1918-2000)

Potters Fields Park is the green space to the South of the River Thames at Tower Bridge and immediately south-east of City Hall. The Bridge Theatre is at 3 Potters Fields Park.

Every blade of grass is worth its weight in gold

A carved stone inscription along the central path of the park. The words are by Lil Patrick, a local resident and activist, from a speech at the opening of Potters Fields Park in 1988. Unhappy with the proposed name, the community organised its own re-opening ceremony, having agreed to call it ‘Potters Fields Park’ and Lil, who had led the campaign for a new park since the 1970s, opened it with these words. When the park was refurbished in 2006/7, it was decided to inscribe the words on the granite seating area. They also became the Potters Fields Park Management Trust’s tag line.

Commissioned by Potters Fields Park Management Trust.