Hope Reveals the World

by Mark Titchner (2020)

Location: Hope Reveals The World can be found at the end of Newcomen Street, by Borough High Street, opposite the Crol and Co coffee shop and near The King’s Arms.

The way we experienced our shared spaces changed dramatically in 2020. As the London Bridge area began to welcome back visitors after the first lockdown, Team London Bridge collaborated with Mark Titchner to celebrate the strength and solidarity of the community in a new series of artworks. This was the first piece. This collaboration evolved Mark’s long relationship with the area and brings a focus to the dynamic cultural identity of London Bridge.

Commissioned by Team London Bridge.

Find out more about Mark Titchner here.

Connections: Titchner’s sculpture for the transformation of the station Me.Here.Now. can be seen in Stainer Street/London Bridge Station. His latest work, The Future Will Be Built from Today, is at Arthur’s Mission at 1 Melior Place.

A temporary pop-up poster campaign by Mark Titchner commissioned by Team London Bridge, in collaboration with the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family of Jack, Jack Arts and Diabolical, showcased four of the artist’s artworks on more than 50 billboards across London in Nov/Dec 2020.