Me. Here. Now.

by Mark Titchner (2018)

Location : Walked down Duke’s Hill Street and positioned on Stainer Street at London Bridge Station, a pedestrian walkway to the right off Tooley Street opposite Hay’s Galleria.

‘Only the first step is difficult / The distance means nothing / One foot in front of the other’

This work comprises three huge polished stainless-steel domes suspended from an arched ceiling reflecting the brickwork above and the movement of everyday life below. Printed with geometric designs and three succinct texts they offer a mantra to passers-by below.

“During the frantic activity of commuting, one’s thoughts tend to wander away from the ‘here and now’ and travel becomes the space between two destinations of the mind as well as the body.

“Although we’re surrounded by others, we remain separate, quietly alone with our thoughts, dreams and anxieties and this work seeks to address that by providing a space for self-reflection with our fellow travellers giving that mental space a physical form which unites us as individuals with those around us.” Mark Titchner

Commissioned by Network Rail as part of the re-development and transformation of London Bridge Station. Curated by Futurecity in collaboration with Network Rail.

Find out more about Mark Titchner here.

Connections: Stainer Street has a rich history. It was the one-time residence of famous poet John Keats, it was used for storage by the wine trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, and as a bomb shelter during World War Two. In recent times the street became neglected. The 168-metre street has now been fully restored with its original brickwork cleaned and repointed creating a wide, brightly-lit walkway for the local community and for visitors.