by Nigel Hall RA (2008)

Location: Located in The Woolyard at 52-56 Bermondsey Street, a near neighbour to Eames Fine Art gallery at number 58 and Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing at number 62-66.

The central form of Soglio penetrates the circumference and creates a stabilising keel, which establishes its verticality.

Soglio is named for the mountain village of Soglio, high above the valley of the Bergen in Switzerland near the Italian border. It’s a place Nigel has visited and drawn many times. He has made a number of works that refer to Soglio, ranging in size from the smallest at 10cm, to one at five-and-a-half meters in diameter which is sited at Schoenthal Monastery near Basel.

Originally commissioned by Southwark Council for its premises on Bermondsey Street. The Woolyard is a private courtyard and will likely be gated out of office hours.

Nigel Hall RA

Nigel Hall is one of Britain’s most distinguished sculptors. He has had many exhibitions around the world and has been widely collected. A solo exhibition of his work was held at the Royal Academy in 2011.

Nigel Hall’s works, principally made of polished wood or steel, are concerned with three-dimensional space, mass and line. He is equally interested in the places his sculptures occupy.