Stories from the Wasteland

by Joe Rush (2019)

Location : Situated by Melior Street Gardens and London Bridge Station, and mounted high above the eclectic pop up Vinegar Yard, opposite a selection of fine eateries The AthenianSavanna and Bob’s Lobster.

Stories from the Wasteland, an abandoned train carriage crawling with giant mechanical ants, is a large installation above Vinegar Yard. Arrivals on platform 15 of London Bridge Station get a fine view of this dystopian scene. The whole site was designed by Benj Scrimgeour, founder of Flat Iron Square and Vinegar Yard, and art by Joe Rush can be seen throughout the venue.

Commissioned by Benj Scrimgeour.

Joe Rush is a British artist best known for work with his underground sculpture and party outfit the Mutoid Waste Company. His mechanical, mutant and monumental works are made using scrap metal and discarded tools. A notable work is the Arcadia Spider at Glastonbury Festival. He has collaborated with Vivienne Westwood and the Rolling Stones, amongst others.