Bacon’s College. A Place to Grow. Bacon’s College opened in 1991 as an all-ability City Technology College in fine new buildings on a brown-field site in the heart of London Docklands. In September 2007 we changed our status and became an Academy with a specialism in Digital Media.

Our mission since the original opening of the College has been to…”raise standards in education and increase the opportunities for local people, within a context of Christian values.”

Bacon’s College has an Anglican foundation and is designated as a school with a `religious character`. We are inclusive in terms of our Admissions Policy and exist to serve our diverse local community. The original Bacon`s School was founded in 1703, so the College has deep roots. In contrast to this long tradition we have very modern buildings with excellent facilities and a high level of resourcing, particularly in I.C.T. We aim to equip our students with the skills and qualifications necessary for success in the fast changing London environment.