BED with Bernadette Russell

7pm to 1am Saturday 22 August, Live Arts Pavilion, Potters Fields Park

BED is a one-on-one theatrical storytelling experience, exploring magic, dreams, the power of suggestion, and the wonder of stories. It’s revisiting that childhood bedtime story experience as an adult, and it’s about what happens when we’re asleep, when more and more of us have difficulty sleeping.

The performance is produced by actress, compere and writer Bernadette Russell. Bernadette co-runs White Rabbit, an arts organisation that produces theatre, live lit events, cabaret and installation.

What happens: after booking the show you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about your sleep habits and dreams.  In exchange for a story you choose from a menu, you will be asked to sign a contract to provide Bernadette with the first dream you remember after this encounter.

Your dream will provide inspiration for the next story, to be read to another, at some point in the future. You will also be left will instructions, which you may or may not choose to carry out, the contents of which are aimed at influencing your dreams. BED is a five-year experiment in dreams and storytelling. Future plans include a published collection of the dream stories as well as more performances.

The BED experience includes a cake baked by a real witch, ancient English magic, and an awful lot of rabbits.

Each session will run for 40 minutes. Places for this experience are extremely limited and will be selected randomly. If you would like to register your interest, please email