Eames Fine Art

Founders of Eames Fine Art, Rebecca and Vincent Eames, are both qualified art historians and share a real passion for 20th and 21st century art. Originally called The Fine Art Partnership, it was incorporated by Eames Fine Art in 2013 to coincide with the opening of the new gallery on Bermondsey Street in central London.

Specialising in the work of established masters of Modern and contemporary art, Eames deals mainly in original works of art on paper; particularly original etchings, lithographs and drawings. They source works from collections worldwide to provide collectors and first time buyers with a varied portfolio of original works, and are also happy to source and research particular works or artists which their clients are interested in on their behalf.

Eames Fine Art regularly host private exhibitions throughout the country for clients and their friends. They hire different venues to host special evenings where they can display a new collection of work by a major artist or group of artists to private clients so that they can see these works before they are displayed publicly. Eames also like to occasionally bring the work of a new contemporary artist who they believe is particularly talented, to introduce to their clients.