What we do is consumer lifestyle PR. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find plenty of trade knowledge and experience too, because we believe you can’t talk to consumers at the front end if you don’t understand the back end about how the market functions, where the product is made and how it gets onto the shelf.

And if you look a bit closer, you’ll see that actually there’s a lot more to our work than consumer PR. In fact, most clients get from us a combination of four things:

Media relations: we amplify your brand profile by securing editorial through relevant media channels

Brand custodianship: we live and breathe your brand, protecting its heritage, telling its story and igniting its future

Consumer engagement: we take your brand direct to where your consumers are, influencing them when and where they are most receptive and stimulating authentic dialogue

Business alchemy: we channel our collective knowledge and insights, experience and contacts into new revenue generators to grow your business equity

Add them all together and you might call it brand plan optimisation. Strip away the fancy language and really it’s about making our clients shine.