Kids Company operates through two street level centres and a therapy house in South London, as well as a drop-in provision in Camden, North London. We also offer therapeutic and social work services in over 30 schools. We are advanced in our service delivery, employing a widely skilled team of professionals working at street level. Unlike traditional approaches, we create a unique, ‘wraparound’ model of care for each child, so that all of their issues are addressed by one team in one place, without the need for referrals or waiting periods.

Our unique multidisciplinary approach combines health, housing, emotional wellbeing, mental health, arts, sports, youth justice, education and employment. These carefully structured interventions are designed to strengthen, supplement or substitute the child’s parenting experience.

Our aim is to first stabilize each young person by meeting their practical needs, before helping them to address emotional and behavioural difficulties. Once the young person has achieved some sense of stability and calm, we help them to identify talents and interests and so develop aspirations for the future.