Nine Lives

Nine Lives is the latest neighbourhood bar to grace London Bridge, behind the doors to an old Victorian basement you’ll find a ‘tropicalifornication’ vibe & cosy décor. The concept behind this spot is simple; great tasting drinks in a comfortable environment all made in an ethical way.

The bar is the pet project of the team behind Sweet&Chilli. With the sustainable theme proving to be popular among bartenders and chefs, many of London’s newest spots use this as a core principle. The team at Nine Lives looks at this concept across the venue from the products they use & the recycling of waste through to the sourcing of equipment & furniture from vintage & second hand sources. All the waste that is created is sent to the venue’s compost system, where it is broken down and then used to fuel the venue’s herb and vegetable garden.

Their music is as obsessed over as their drinks. In keeping with the ethos of salvation, their sound system is repurposed from a beautiful rig which until 3 years ago powered London Bridge’s legendary club, Cable. The sound it rewards them with is rich & warm, perfect for some after-dark drinking & dancing.

Every Saturday, Nine Lives host a weekly party with a selection of DJs from some of London’s hottest labels – you won’t hear sounds like this on a sound-system like this with drinks like this anywhere else in London.

Open Tuesday – Saturday from 5PM.