“Mosaics are a metaphor for London: all the communities, colours, peoples, faiths, tribes and creeds coming together to make a brilliant whole.”

Southbank Mosaics is a community enterprise dedicated to transforming public spaces in the South Bank area of London. Our artists work with local communities of many kinds to create outstanding mosaics. The qualities of mosaic include durability, rhythm, colour, form and narrative. They are a superb medium for use in the public realm and could enliven our streets. As a result of their strength they can be included as a part of street furniture and placed underfoot, or at a height on a wall, where people can touch them.

Traditionally most public art have been placed out of reach on public buildings, or looking down on us from a pedestal. Using mosaic invites urban designers and architects to look anew at opportunities in order to re-interpret public space, beyond the ubiquitous shades of grey. The public realm does not have to be bland and minimalist- there is another tried and tested way!