Southwark Mediation is a registered charity. The main objective of the centre is to relieve the considerable stress caused to people who are involved in disputes. The centre deals with cases under the remit of the following projects: Community Mediation (neighbour disputes), Peer Mediation in schools. Hotspots Mediation (Victims of Crime), Work Disputes and Hate Crimes Mediation (disputes with a racial or homophobic element).

Mediation is a voluntary, neutral, confidential process which allows parties in dispute to communicate and build improved relationships for the future. The power of mediation lies in the fact that the parties choose it and have an active part in any outcomes or resolutions made. Mediators are neutral, not on anybody’s side. Parties in dispute may wish to meet, or where they have chosen not to, the mediators can go between the parties ‘shuttling’ points of agreement, regarding wants and needs.

Southwark Mediation Centre takes pride in all the work we do in the community. Our main aim is to create a safe and relaxed environment for all the people we interact with. Please see our website for further information.