The Time & Talents Association has been involved in community development and social action in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey since 1887. It was started by a group of women who were appalled by the living and working conditions of women and girls in the dock areas of South London. They determined to give their time and talents to change the situation, and they and their successors fostered a great deal of innovative educational and social work from a variety of settlement and club premises over the next 100 years and more.

Today the Association runs a Multi-Purpose Neighbourhood Centre, open to all who live or work in the area. The Centre’s current work focuses particularly on Under-5’s and over-50’s, as these were identified as priorities in a market survey of community needs in 1991. Time & Talents is keen to develop new activities and projects that fully reflect the area’s changing needs and composition, and to continue its commitment to individual and community development. It is setting up a Home Visiting Scheme for housebound elderly frail people, and is exploring possibilities for young people, in partnership with other groups. It positively welcomes suggestions, enquiries, and offers of involvement or partnership from all sectors of the community.