Get Creative with Tower Bridge at Home

Tower Bridge may not be open, but there are plenty of activities you can dive into at home!

Designed to compliment and enhance your a visit along with your knowledge of Tower Bridge, these family friendly activities are sure to do just that.

Children’s Art Week 2020

Learn to marble, make your own comic strip and even try some origami!

Learn Semaphore

Semaphore is a way of sending messages to people who you can see but are too far away to talk to. Using your arms (or flags), you can spell out words – each position means a different letter. Before the radio was invented, semaphore was used to communicate with ships to check they were ready to pass through.

Making a moving Tower Bridge Picture

Got a printer, scissors and blutak to hand? Create your own moving Tower Bridge picture with this cut out.

Make a stop motion film

Recreate the moving bus that jumped over an opening Tower Bridge in 1952!

Make an origami boat 

Thousands of boats pass under Tower Bridge every year. Follow the instructions to make your very own origami flotilla.

Dot to dot and colouring sheets 

Pens and pencils at the ready! Enjoy a series of dot to dots and colouring sheets.