Anita Klein – Out of the Ordinary

Location: Fashion & Textile Museum

April 20, 2017 - May 15, 2017

Anita Klein | Out of the Ordinary at Eames Fine Art Gallery 

New Linocuts from the past 5 years

Internationally recognised, Anita Klein is an artist that inspires, both technically and emotionally. Her new body of prints remind us to stop and notice: Notice what makes us smile, the people we love and the memories that matter. In today’s art world, we are constantly confronted with bright colourful imagery, but rarely met with work that evokes such a raw innate warming response.

“Making a linocut in 10 or 11 colours is like slowly building up a painting. Each colour reacts with those underneath it and throws up surprises which suggest the next colour. The whole process is an absorbing game with its own rules which just ask to be broken” – Anita Klein, 2017

Out of the Ordinary will be exhibited at Eames Fine Art Gallery from 20th April – 14th May 2017.

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