Celebrating our city parks

July 20, 2019 - July 28, 2019

In July, London became the world’s very first National Park City, in recognition of the parks, gardens, greens, woods, commons, and all of the natural spaces that punctuate our cityscape with a regularity not usually found in such a densely populated place.

To celebrate, National Park City Festival runs 20-28 July and London Bridge is welcoming Gnomus, Caretaker of the Earth, to the area, 26 and 27 July.

But it’s also a great excuse to explore and enjoy the many green spaces we have locally and appreciate them in this city-wide context.

10 to explore in London Bridge:

  1. 1. St John’s Churchyard Park
  2. 2. Melior Street Community Garden
  3. 3. Gibbon’s Rent Secret Garden
  4. 4. Potters Fields Park
  5. 5. Greenwood Theatre Pocket Park
  6. 6. Guy’s Memorial Park
  7. 7. Leathermarket Garden
  8. 8. Tanner Street Park
  9. 9. Druid Street Wildflower Meadow
  10. 10. White’s Grounds Estate Community Garden

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