Click Click… boom: life online at Science Gallery London

Location: Science Gallery London

October 10, 2018 - October 10, 2018

How do apps and online spaces affect our addictive behaviours?

Join four experts on the Internet and addiction to discuss the future of our lives online at this interactive event hosted by Science Gallery London.

The online world gives us almost instant access to many of the things we crave; illicit drugs via the darknet, unlimited amounts of porn, games that can suck you in for days. What’s more, it has explicitly been designed to be addictive. Who hasn’t found themselves endlessly scrolling through cat videos at 2am?

However, it is also a source of information and support, with the anonymity, it provides encouraging many people too hesitant to see a clinician to seek help and advice.



Please note doors open at 18:30

This event is part of HOOKED, the Science Gallery London’s season about addiction and recovery. Find out more here

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