Discover London’s Wildlife Secret with ZSL

September 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Join ZSL in a virtual reality journey beneath the surface of the Thames.

Located beside No.1 London Bridge on the Queen’s Walk riverpath, ZSL’s virtual reality portal by the Thames will take you on a thrilling journey below the surface of London’s great river. As you ‘swim’ along you’ll join ZSL’s conservation team in discovering incredible wildlife that lives below the surface.

Challenge your friends and family to see who can discover the most species and keep an eye out for some surprises along the way!

ZSL is a conservation charity, working in the Thames and around the world to stop wild animals going extinct.

This virtual reality experience is part of ZSL’s celebration of the river through our Mother Thames campaign.

ZSL believe that the River Thames is London’s wildlife secret. Porpoises, seals and seahorses live in the Thames along with eels and smelt (the fish that smells like cucumber). Many of these amazing animals are born and raised in the river, or Mother Thames as we like to call her.

What may look like murky water is a river thriving with life, and ZSL is working to ensure it stays that way. Together with partners and volunteers we’re making great progress – from being declared biologically dead in the 1950s, the River Thames is now a hub of life thanks to dedicated conservation efforts.

The Thames needs all of us to ensure a future for its wildlife. Join ZSL’s #MotherThames campaign as they celebrate the secret wildlife in the capital city and work with them to protect it.

This experience is free and open to all. As a charity, ZSL rely on donations for our wildlife-saving work. If you would like to support ZSL there is a contactless card donation point at the experience, and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Part of Totally Thames 2019.