Eames Fine Art opens third venue on Bermondsey Street

Eames Fine Art has expanded. They have just opened their third art venue at 159 Bermondsey Street: the Print Room.

As the name suggests, the Print Room specialises in original prints. The Print Room is just a two minute walk from Eames other venues, Gallery on Bermondsey Street and their Studio on Tanner Street, meaning on a Saturday when all three venues are open you can visit the area and easily walk between the three spaces to see the different exhibitions – all in one visit.

The new Print Room is further down Bermondsey Street from the Gallery—past José’s Tapas bar, opposite White Cube, and it’s next door to the street’s famous coffee shop with the rude name! They’ll be open six days a week (like the Gallery, it will be closed on Mondays), and the space will be a mixture of the two other venues: there will be a room to put up beautiful displays and exhibitions, but there’ll also be lots of browsers, plan chests, and portfolio boxes so that they can show a wider range of work by each artist.

Eames have also recently acquired a beautiful mid-nineteenth century star-wheeled press which will live in the Print Room, allowing them to host regular printmaking demonstrations.

Some people like to buy from professionally curated, slick exhibitions while others prefer to browse through stacks of art like searching for a rare record in a music shop. However you want to do it the Eames team aim to make buying art a thrilling, indulgent, and enjoyable thing to do.

Opening Times

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 11am – 5pm

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