Fully Charged

Fully Charged is London’s leading electric bike retailer. There are no half measures, they are fully committed to the clients, the industry and the city.

As an independent London-born business, they are not ‘just another bike shop’. They are a tightly knit group of enthusiasts and professionals that are committed to bringing you the best in e-bike technology.

Based in state of the art HQ in Hoxton Docks, they are official retailers of all of the biggest names in e-bike technology today. They hand pick a stock from the best manufacturers across the globe and have highly knowledgeable staff that will make sure you get the right e-bike for you.

Not only that but they offer the best in sales and after sales care, through they website, pop-up locations and of course showroom and service centre in the heart of London.

“Fully Charged” want to help create a new culture of green transport. One that reinvents the way people navigate their cities, improves customer well-being and supports one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport available.

So whether you’re an individual looking to purchase your first e-bike, a corporation looking to invest in the future of sustainable commuter travel or just have an interest in e-bikes, “Fully Charged” are here to help.