John Hegley: Biscuit of Destiny

Location: Guy's Chapel, London Bridge

October 31, 2023 - October 31, 2023

Biscuit of Destiny is the new show from celebrated poet and musician John Hegley. Across a 90-minute performance, John introduces a clutch of new verses, a few older favourites and a cardboard camel with a moving jaw, in the atmospheric venue of Guy’s Chapel.

On October 31st day in 1795 it was Keats Birthday, Keats trained at Guy’s Hospital as an apothecary and a surgeon before deciding to dedicate himself to poetry.

The biscuits in the show derive from a phrase used by Romantic Poet, John Keats: ‘a scarcity of buiscuit’ – neither the subject matter nor spelling you would expect from a Romantic Poet. The show delves into the more eccentric side of Keats, alongside everyday goings-on in the Hegley homes of now and yesteryear. It includes 7 drawings of elephants, myths, discos, daleks, optional community singing and the search for a sense of self-worth.


The show won a ‘Lustrum Award’ at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. 

Ticket: £10 donation towards student hardship fund at the venue.

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