London Bridge Experience: 2 for 1

See, hear, feel, taste even smell what London Bridge was like over the ages. It’s a thrilling experience using the latest in Hollywood style wizardry and the marvellous real-life characters guiding you through the ages on the bridge.

Firstly enjoy a fascinating trip back in time as the London Bridge Experience delves through the history of the bridge, from Druids through to Victorians, meeting Vikings, Romans, and some creepy medieval characters along the way. You’ll be taken through the fire of London, see how London Bridge was used to punish our criminals and so much more! Featuring real life actors, stunning special effects and animations, this is unique interactive adventure really does takes you back in time. It’s a fun adventure through time.

If you thought the London Bridge Experience was unforgettable, just wait until you take a journey through the London Tombs! Formerly a Plague pit, the London Tombs will excite you, scare you, make your pulse race and your throat sore from screaming. Staff are on hand at all times for those of you who just find it a little too much and have to leave. For the rest of you – get ready for the biggest fright of your life as you journey ever deeper into the London Tombs. It’s a terrifying encounter with the un-dead and a blood-curdling adventure you will never forget. Can you handle it?

Also available are the Guardian Angel Tours for younger visitors (under 11’s). Special guides will accompany younger, timid visitors around the Tombs to protect them from anything too frightening.

Offer: You can visit the London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs for Free with DealCard – that’s a fantastic saving of £27.95


2-4 Tooley Street, London SE1 2PF

: 020 7403 6333