London Bridge Experience and Tombs

Located in the atmospheric vaults and excavated tombs of London Bridge the London Bridge Experience and Tombs combines a unique educational experience with stunning visual effects. In The London Bridge Experience, visitors are taken on a gripping guided tour of London Bridge’s 2000 year history using a combination of special effects, CGI and character actors.

Any visitors brave enough can then go deeper into the bridge and enter the London Tombs, a thrilling experience that uses Hollywood-style special effects to create a scare factor unsurpassed in the UK.

Voted the UK’s ‘best year round scare attraction’, the London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs is not to be missed. It’s two attractions – one price, that’s double the value! Click on an item below for information.

A visit to this award-winning attraction can be easily combined with a trip to one of our other area highlights and is perfect for families and groups.