Mimi Lauter at White Cube Bermondsey

April 5, 2023 - May 15, 2023

White Cube is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Mimi Lauter, the artist’s first in London. Titled ‘Ruach’ – a Hebrew word for spirit, wind or breath – Lauter’s new group of works is inspired by the natural world and the cyclical rhythm of plants.

5 April – 14 May 2023
Inside the White Cube | White Cube Bermondsey

Born in San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles, Lauter works primarily with soft pastel and oil pastel on paper, a delicate medium that lends an immediacy and fragile beauty to her work. Conceiving of painting as a theatrical space, her work is often large in scale, comprising multi-part constellations that together take the form of a mural. By contrast, the artist’s subject matter evokes a feeling of intimacy, and speaks to a private experience of the existential and the transcendent.

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