Much Ado About Nothing – Theatre Performance in Mint Street Park

Location: Mint Street Park

September 30, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Come and experience “Much Ado About Nothing.” Set in an open-air fitness centre where beach-ready bodies take shape, a gender divide becomes apparent. Amid clanging weights and determined reps, a pressing question lingers: What’s it all for?We will be on the raised stage area of the park at 3pm, come join us!

In this uproarious comedy of artful deceptions, we explore intricate relationships, and delve into the essence of the eternal question: What is love? Maybe it is just Much Ado About Nothing.Albion Theatre Company is your gateway to a fresh take on Shakespeare. Our performances tour unconventional community space. We reimagine classics with contemporary, and high energy flair. We honour the traditional essence of theatre as a communal space, where people gather to experience stories together. Join us for a theatrical journey that seamlessly blends Shakespearean brilliance with the modern world, and celebrate with your community!

Date: 30 September 2023Time: 3pm to 4pmAddress: Mint Street Park 14 Weller St London. SE1 1QUTickets: We will take donation on the day for tickets, cash or card payment is available. Suggested donation £12, but any amount is acceptable.Email to confirm your attendance, or just turn up!