River Net

Location: London Bridge Hive, 8 Holyrood Street, London

September 22, 2022 - September 22, 2022

Showing at London Bridge Hive on September 22nd, River Net looks at the intermingling of natural and synthetic matter, our relationship with the materials we produce and their impact on the river.

In this ice-based, time lapse video work, Irma uses material recovered from the river with a particular emphasis on plastic food netting. I’m interested in the ambiguity of something developed in part for its aesthetic appeal but, after single use, becoming unwanted and damaging to the natural environment.

By repurposing it, she examines how much of the original, artificial beauty it retains whilst reflecting on how it might compromise the life of a river.

“What I call ‘plastic coral’ attaches itself everywhere and to everything, breaking down over time into minute pieces that remain in our waters, rivers and oceans. It finds its way inside fish, animals, insects and humans, in all eco-systems even down to the very phylum of plants”

  • 12.30 – 1.30pm Talk – booking required
    1.30pm – 7pm Meet the Artist – drop in

This one day event will start with a lunchtime screening of the film River Net after which Irma will talk about the project and take questions from the audience.

She will also discuss how her practice relates to environmental issues, in particular micro fibre plastics and how her upbringing near Fanes National Park in the Dolomites impacts her view of urban ecosystems in London with particular reference to the river.

Throughout the day, the 15 minute film will continue to run on a loop, and Irma will be available to engage and discuss with the public on an informal basis. There will be a small number of her fibre art pieces on show as well as other resources

The event gives an insight into her current work-in-progress, with the 15 minute video work representing a preview of her ongoing longer-term project.

The accompanying sound track was created by musician and soundscape artist Jonathan Lambert.

This event is Supported by Team London Bridge and Totally Thames Festival.