Texas Joe’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Location: Texas Joe's

November 28, 2019 - November 28, 2019

Gather round the turkey friends, and make room in your belly for Texas Joe’s world-famous, buckle busting’ feast, The Original and best “All-You -Can Eat” Thanksgiving Dinner!

Squeak up little wheel, if you need greasing with seconds, thirds or fourths, our happy cast of helpers are eager to lace your plate with all the Thanksgiving trimmings you could whistle for.  So join with your loved ones, alone or bring a hot date and revel in the turkey coma bestowed to you by Texas Joe’s Southern Pride smoker. Cap it off with a single serving (note!) of Grandma’s finest Pumpkin pie!

The first of two splendid 2hr sittings will commence at 6:45 on 28th November for £45 a head. tickets available from www.texas-joes.com 

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