Tower Bridge Online: Making the Bridge Sing

Location: Tower Bridge

June 12, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Tower Bridge have brought their onsite exhibition Making the Bring Sing online for visitor to enjoy.

To celebrate 125 years of Tower Bridge, artist Di Mainstone was commissioned to create a film exploring a make-believe world caught between dream and reality.

The idea for the film began when one of the Tower Bridge team overheard a conversation on the Bridge one day. Susan Belcher was telling her friends the tale of her grandmother Hannah Griggs, and how she became the Cook-in-Service to the Bridge Master. Within days the Bridge’s Exhibition Manager was in touch and Susan shared Hannah Griggs’ story, and how she lived after spending several years in the workhouse that eventually became St Olave’s Hospital.

Today Hannah Griggs, along with other former workers, is commemorated with a plaque on the pavement of the Bridge.

Artist Di Mainstone has invented a phantastical world, where Tower Bridge sings and nature takes over. She has created instruments to ‘play’ the bridge and recorded their magical sounds.

Watch the film 

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