Valley Choir Concert at Southwark Cathedral

Location: Southwark Cathedral

March 13, 2023 - March 13, 2023

Enjoy an inspiring and uplifting concert by this fabulous 60 strong American choir from Des Moines, Iowa! 

The Valley High School’s London concert is part of a UK tour and will include a wide variety of music from Vivaldi, Schubert and Handel to African folk songs, Buddhist mantras, gospel, medieval and world music.  The school has been recognized by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education with a Best Communities for Music Education designation so you can be assured that these performers are of the highest level.  Under the direction of Haley Gibbons, Chloe McCartney, and Heather Nail and pianist Anna Lee, we are happy to share their performance with you today.

Free to attend,

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