A Saturday Night for London

British Red Cross is urging people to come together for a  Saturday Night for London to mark one week on from the tragic events at London Bridge and raise money for those affected.

Backed by Borough Market and businesses in London Bridge, the charity is working with organisations across the capital, calling on people to say Cheers to London, choose a Dish for London or take a Ride for London.

Borough Market Chair Donald Hyslop said the evening will be “a forceful reminder to those who sought to divide us”.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • Uber is pledging to donate £1 for every trip taken in London this Saturday night (between 8pm and midnight), encouraging people to Ride for London and also to donate to the fund with a special pop up message in its app.
  • 120 pubs in the capital owned by Greene King Pubs will be holding collections for the fund, encouraging customers to say Cheers to London with a donation.
  • The chain Eat will be donating the price of an item on its menu to the fund, displaying posters in its stores encouraging people to choose its Dish for London.
  • Collections will be held at the production of Don Juan, starring David Tennant, at Wyndham’s theatre in London.
  • People staying at home on Saturday can also Text UNITY to 70607 to donate £1

“Last Saturday night people were having a drink, a meal, or travelling through the area when the attack happened. We must continue our way of life, so this Saturday we are asking you to take a Ride for London, order a Dish for London, or say Cheers to London with a pint or a cup of tea as a way of raising money to help all those affected. It is a very fitting way to help.”

– Amy Lamé,  London Night Czar

Further information can be found on the British Red Cross website.