Slammers Bar Opens in London Bridge

Tucked beneath London Bridge, beyond a mesh of barbed wire, prison cameras and patrolling guards. Drinkers shall be served by prisoners and guards at Slammers – a bar behind bars.

Customers are given an immersive experience from the moment they step inside, being met by either prison wardens or prisoners themselves. Customers/convicts are then taken to their cell or table and served premium, delicious cocktails, to get into the prison theme.

First class mixologists work in a bar behind security screens, complete with prison telephones, whilst prison guards patrol ready to take your orders. Slammers has authentic cells, tables with handcuffs and will also have its own electric chair – “Old Smokey”.

You’ll find themed cocktails including “Drop The Soap”, “Old Smokey” and our signature cocktail “The Slammer” to name a few as well as the venue’s signature cocktails, served in quirky drinking vessels.

Slammers Bar,
2-4 Tooley Street,
London SE1 2SY,
United Kingdom