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Oblix Champagne Afternoon Tea at Home

Published on 03rd February 2021


For those seeking an exceptional afternoon tea experience, the Oblix London Afternoon Tea offers guests a twist on a traditional English classic. Serving a menu inspired by the very best London has to offer, Oblix has designed a menu using a blend of ingredients sourced from favourite local purveyors found throughout London’s eclectic mix of boroughs. The menu incorporates ingredients from all over the city, including chai spices from the famous brick lane market and honeycomb from local bees in Harrow. *Only available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Order your Champagne Afternoon Tea here.

Borough Market recipes

Published on 08th January 2021


Theres no doubt about it that lockdown has given a lot of us more time to get creative in the kitchen. Whether it be to break up the working from home day with the evening, or simply having more time on our hands, we’ve seen (yes a lot of banana bread) but also some incredibly creative and delicious recipes being whipped up in kitchens all over the world. From cauliflower gnocchi with sage butter and hazelnuts to a good old fashioned sausage roll, Borough Markets have recipes to get you salivating and most definitely inspired. See Borough Markets recipes here. 

A Cocktail Pairing Dinner at Oblix

Published on 04th March 2019

For one night only, Oblix at The Shard will be showcasing a unique assortment of prestigious Arbikie Highland Estate’s spirits through a selection of bespoke cocktails specially crafted for the occasion. Imaginatively designed to complement and enhance each of the combinations, Executive Chef, Marcus Eaves, has carefully created an exclusive four course menu for the evening. Find out more >  

Local Expert: The Principles of the Perfectly Balanced Cocktail

Published on 26th October 2018

The world of mixology can seem daunting when you’re witnessing your local bartender in action, but creating a delicious cocktail isn’t rocket science. There’s a fantastic array of bars in London Bridge, but sometimes, a delicious drink from the comfort of your sofa is just the ticket… We’ve got the low-down from our local expert, Liam Scandrett at Bermondsey Street based WSET School London about the principles on the balance of cocktails, to help you along your way… The principles of the perfectly balanced cocktail Strong, Weak, Sour or Bitter + Sweet. As any experienced mixologist will tell you, these are the elements that form the vast majority of classic mixed drinks. This tried and tested format uses principles that have been perfected for over a century – and who can argue with that? Strong vs Weak Whether it’s rum in your Daiquiri, vodka in your Martini or whiskey in your Manhattan – the ‘strong’ element will form the backbone of your cocktail. These high-alcohol spirits should always be balanced by a weak element. In short drinks, this is usually chilled water (generally in the form of ice) Humble h20 can change many things about a cocktail, but its main job is to chill and dilute – softening and lengthening the alcohol. In long drinks, the weak element can be a non-alcoholic ‘mixer’ (e.g. juice, soda, tonic or tea). Sour/Bitter vs Sweet These elements go hand in hand – one without the other would be disastrous to the harmony of your concoction, as these opposites off-set each other. In classic drinks, the sour element can be citrus juice (e.g. lemon or lime – think Daiquiri or Tom Collins). Bitterness is often provided by cocktail bitters or a bitter liqueur – think an Old-fashioned or Negroni. Sweetness unsurprisingly comes from sugar; commonly in a syrup – think agave nectar in your Tommy’s or Triple sec in your Cosmopolitan. The Twist Now, what happens if you stick to these classic principles but ‘switch’ one simple sweetener for a more complex one, substitute from classic citrus to something more unusual, try out a different style of rum? You create a ‘twist. Bartenders have been ‘twisting’ for years; switching out classic ingredients, using modern technologies and methods to create unique variations of traditional recipes. These new-wave cocktails are often distant relatives of the originals, but they all have one thing in common if done right: balance. _____________________   The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is the worlds largest provider of wine and spirits qualifications for professionals and enthusiasts. The flagship WSET School London on Bermondsey Street offers beginner to expert courses and evening tasting events throughout the year. Learn something new this autumn and join WSET School London for their first ever ‘Saturday Spirits School.’ A hands-on course including an accredited WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits course complete with a tour of two fantastic local distilleries. Visit wsetchool.com to learn more.

Whisky Masterclass on Bermondsey Street

Published on 11th October 2018

Bermondsey Street based WSET School London are hosting a fantastic beginner-level whisky/whiskey tasting and cocktail demonstration with their spirits expert Hannah Lanfear. This beginner-level tasting is perfect for those who enjoy a great dram or a classic whiskey cocktail and want to know more about this fascinating spirit. The first part of this session takes place in our tasting room at WSET School London, where you’ll learn the basics of whisky/whiskey production and key styles from around the world through a tasting of at least six different samples. Armed with your new-found knowledge, you’ll then head down to The Hide, the bar next door to WSET School London. Your tutor Hannah will demonstrate how to craft some of the world’s best-loved cocktails like the Whisky Sour, the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan. Read more/ book your place >>

London Cocktail Week 01- 08 October

Published on 01st October 2018

London Cocktail Week is a vibrant celebration of our capital’s cocktail scene and the biggest event of its kind – in the world! Over 300 bars are taking part in this year’s city-wide festival. London Bridge is proud to be a part of the festivities, with many of the area’s finest cocktail establishments offering £6 signature serves, including Nine Lives and Aqua Shard. Check out the area’s participating bars here.  Nine Lives’ ‘Signature Serve’ is The Frontier – Bulleit 10yo Bourbon, Nutty Italian Amaro and Sour Cherry Liquor. Fans of a mixed drink may also be interested in ‘Cocktails in London Bridge‘ – a free online book featuring a collection of delicious cocktail recipes from the area’s fantastic local bars and restaurants.   Download here.   

Cocktails in London Bridge – Download the Recipe Book

Published on 28th September 2018

There’s nothing quite like an evening out in London Bridge. Where else can you bar hop from a sky-high cocktail lounge to a hidden basement bar – all in a matter of minutes? ‘Cocktails in London Bridge‘ celebrates the area’s unique nightlife; taking you on a tour of the neighbourhood in 18 cocktail recipes from an array of fantastic local bars and restaurants. Download Cocktails in London Bridge    In support of London Cocktail Week 01-07 October 2018 London Cocktail Week is the biggest, most vibrant celebration of our capital’s fantastic cocktail scene and the biggest event of it’s kind – in the world! With 300 bars signed up to the Cocktail Tours and a week-long cocktail village at its heart, this is the ultimate week off work for those that love a mixed drink… Festival passes are just £10 and available to buy from DrinkUp.London   A map of Cocktails in London Bridge   A – Z  1. AQUA SHARD 2.BOB’S LOBSTER WINE BAR & KITCHEN 3.CHAPTER 72 4.GUNPOWDER 5.HIVER BEERS ARCH 6.HUTONG AT THE SHARD 7.KIN + DEUM 8.LITTLE BIRD GIN 9.LONDON GRIND  10.LONDRINO 11.NINE LIVES 12.QUARTER BAR & LOUNGE 13.SANTO REMEDIO 14.THE COAL SHED 15.THE FLYING W SALOON 16.THE HIDE BAR 17.THE IVY TOWER BRIDGE 18.VILLAGE EAST Search more bars in London Bridge Article photo credit: The Gaztronome

The Ivy Tower Bridge X Bermondsey Street Bees

Published on 23rd August 2018

As a celebration of the London Bridge community, The Ivy Tower Bridge have announced a collaboration with local beekeepers Bermondsey Street Bees, creating two delicious cocktail concoctions featuring the award-winning honey as a key ingredient.   The Bermondsey Queen Bee cocktail features Warner Edwards Honeybee gin, Bermondsey Street Bees honey, apricot brandy, lemon juice & Fever-Tree lemonade on crushed ice, garnished with fresh mint & honey dipper. The brasserie’s bar team have also created a refreshing, non-alcoholic alternative, the Berry Cooler, which is priced at £4.95 and incorporates blackberries, mint, lemon juice, Bermondsey Street Bees honey, Fever-Tree soda, garnished with fresh blackberries & mint. The Bermondsey Queen Bee an Berry Cooler will be available until Monday, 17 September. www.theivytowerbridge.com www.bermondseystreetbees.co.uk

One Tower Bridge

Published on 16th August 2018

Just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Tower Bridge and London’s leading contemporary theatre The Bridge, this riverside hotspot is fast becoming the go-to destination to discover exciting new dining options in London Bridge. Its pedestrianised streets and modern piazzas are home to a unique array of restaurants, just moments from the river and a short walk from London Bridge Station. Restaurant A-Z  Gunpowder >> Intimate Indian restaurant with bare brick walls, offering home cooking-inspired menus. Prosecco House >> London’s first and only bar dedicated to Prosecco. Rosa’s Thai Cafe >> The home of modern Thai food in the heart of London. Offering authentic cuisine, with ingredients sourced from the UK and around the world. The Coal Shed >> Born from the love of cooking the finest meat and seafood over fire, The Coal Shed guarantees a dining experience to remember. The Ivy Tower Bridge >> A touch of Ivy magic on the banks of the Thames. All-day dining brasserie with classic British dishes. Temakinho >> Japanese culinary tradition meets with the taste, colours and vibes of Brazil to the beat of jazz, samba and bossa nova. Vapiano >> Handmade pasta, freshly made pizza dough and salads alongside the best buffalo mozzarella, meats & cheese antipasti plates.    

2-4-1 Cocktails at Quarter Bar

Published on 02nd August 2018

Discover Quarter Bar & Lounge at London Bridge Hotel, a popular day-time venue and late-night haunt in the heart of London Bridge. With its own private entrance, it offers an ambient setting for business lunches or interviews by day, turning into a charming stylish bar by night.   Low, relaxing music flows throughout the space which is dotted with plush, velvet seating areas. The bar, lined with stools, is staffed by our friendly team of professionals, serving a range of spirits, wines, beers and of course, the famous cocktails made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients.  Quarter Bar are offering London Bridge DealCard holders a 2-4-1 happy hour! 5 – 7PM daily throughout August.