Tag: Dance Umbrella


Published on 15th June 2023

Prepare to soar through the fluffy clouds where flocks of birds and butterflies flutter. Explore the dream-like world that waits above us, in this multi-sensory dance experience for families. Take your little ones on a magical journey with Skydiver and experience how movement, sound and stunning visuals bring whimsical characters to life in an enchanting encounter in the skies. Greek dance artist, dramaturg and director Xenia Aidonopoulou makes visually compelling dance-theatre works filled with wonder and imagination that will captivate even the youngest audience members. Find out more  Unicorn Theatre (in partnership with Team London Bridge), Stanley Arts, The Place, Studio 3 Arts, Watermans Arts Centre Sat 21 – Fri 29 October


Published on 17th September 2019

Inspired by the shocking statistic that three quarters of young people in the UK spend less time outdoors than prisoners, Zoo Humans sees The UPG Team bring their distinctive performance-parkour and David Attenborough’s smooth narrative to a group of humans on the verge of forgetting how to move. Join us for these free, outdoor performances. This performance is part of Dance Umbrella, London’s international dance festival, celebrating 21st century choreography across the capital. 8 – 27 October. Performances at 1.45PM and 5.30PM Presented in partnership with Team London Bridge with King’s College London and Woolwich Cultural Destinations. Guy’s Courtyard London Bridge SE1 9GU