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Published on 05th April 2019

Originally founded in Italy in 2012, Temakinho is now a leading restaurant company in Europe, specialising in Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine with eleven active restaurants and new openings being announced every month. In each one of their locations, the Japanese culinary tradition meets with the taste, colors and vibes of Brazil to the beat of jazz, samba and bossa nova. The menu includes a wide selection of high-quality fish-based dishes such as Petiscos (Brazilian appetizers), Tartaras, Cheviche, Tiraditos, Rolls and Temakis. More recently, they have expanded their vegetarian offer to meet the needs of an increasing customer base highly sensitive to contemporary environmental issues and ethical sourcing. Sustainability is a part of Temakinho’s philosophy since day one. They source all of our fish from sustainable fish farming and ethical fishing and we strive to reduce and bring plastic waste close to zero on a daily basis. All our take-away packaging is sustainable, recyclable or compostable, our napkins are made of 100% recycled paper and we offer free filtered water to our guests in order not to sell plastic bottles. For those who prefer to consume sealed bottled water, they have glass bottled water available for purchase. In addition, last year they officially banned plastic straws from all restaurants and replaced them with PLA alternatives, a compostable material derived from corn. It’s a consistent commitment and enthusiastic effort involving all aspects of our business, which was officially recognized and rewarded in 2016 when Temakinho was the first chain of restaurants to be awarded the Friends of the Sea certification. https://www.temakinho.com