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Cir-Curse Nightime Show

Published on 18th October 2023

Step into the nightmarish world of Cir-curse at The London Bridge Experience this Halloween! A TERRIFYING CURSE UNLEASHED Papa Popotesco’s Circus has been cursed, and the horrors that have been unleashed upon London Bridge are beyond imagination. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Cir-Cursed is strictly for adults aged 16 and above. This spine-chilling show is designed to unnerve, scare, and terrify guests. If you’re afraid of clowns, brace yourself for the ultimate fright. THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN OUTING IN LONDON Cir-Curse is undoubtedly one of the most spine-tingling things to do in London on Halloween. It’s 25 minutes of your darkest nightmares brought to life. Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween experience in the heart of London. DO YOU DARE TO BRAVE THE HORRORS? If you’re on the hunt for Halloween activities in London, secure your tickets today for Cir-Cursed. Don’t miss out on the best online prices for an experience that will haunt your dreams. Get ready for the ultimate horror experience at The London Bridge Experience this Halloween with Cir-Cursed. Are you brave enough to face your fears? For more information click here 

Halloween Family Fun

Step into an enchanting Halloween adventure at the London Bridge Experience! Dive into an exciting journey through the mysterious legends of London Bridge, where you’ll meet a captivating array of historical characters. Come along with us on this interactive, pulse-pounding expedition as you fearlessly interact with Romans, stand face to face with the enigmatic Keeper of the heads, and stumble upon numerous spine-chilling surprises. Be prepared, for you’ll also unveil the bone-chilling origins of Halloween and encounter a few thrilling scares along the path. Don’t let this fun family-friendly Halloween experience slip through your fingers! More information and tickets here. 

The Sickness

Published on 22nd September 2022

This year London Bridge presents “ The Sickness “ an adult only Halloween show… In 1939, a twisted experimental psychiatric medical institution run by the infamous Dr Natas was opened. The events that took place in there have never been spoke about, myth is it was condemned but was it ? Follow the hideous path of the insane and try to escape Dr Natas and his deranged staff. Try not to loose yourself in the bedlam that will unravel before you. Keep your wits about you when you check in, just know that if you hide they won’t go away. Will you survive the mad methods of medicine and torture in the bowls of London Bridge or will you become part of The Sickness….come and find out you have nothing to lose but your mind. LIMITED SHOWS ONLY BETWEEN 22ND-31ST OCTOBER, SO BOOK NOW! Please note, tickets brought for the Sickness do not include entry to The London Bridge Experience Day time shows. More here


Published on 22nd September 2021

THE IRRATIONAL FEAR OF THE NUMBER 13 This year, The London Bridge Experience will feature 13 of the most terrifying phobias – are you brave enough to visit? Come face to face with Zombies, Jack The Ripper, Snakes, Clowns, Monsters, Spiders, Hillbillies, Ventriloquist Dolls, murderous Butchers and much, much more! Showing on: 22 – 24th October & 29th – 31st October 6pm – 10pm. Find out more here.

Triskaidekaphobia – The Irrational Fear of the Number 13

Published on 09th October 2019

This Halloween, The London Bridge Experience will feature 13 of the most terrifying phobias – are you brave enough to visit? Come face to face with Zombies, Jack The Ripper, Snakes, Clowns, Monsters, Spiders, Hillbillies, Ventriloquist Dolls, murderous Butchers and much, much more! FAMILY HALLOWEEN SHOW During daylight hours, our family friendly Halloween show takes you for a spooky walk through London Bridges dark past followed by a visit to The London Tombs winner of the best scare attraction for the past 11 years. Showing on: 14th October – 2nd November at 10am-5pm. ADULT SHOWS – NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! After dark, the UK’s top award-winning scare attraction gets even scarier with Phobophobia 13, a twisted adult only scare show with clowns, butchers, zombies, hillbillies, snakes and so much more! Showing on: 25th, 26th, 30th, 31st October and 1st, 2nd November at 6pm-10pm. Please note: The adult show is for over 16s only. More details and to book here.

Dracula at The Old Operating Theatre

Published on 16th October 2017

Join The Old Operating Theatre on October 27th for a special Halloween screening of cult classic, Dracula.  “One of the most revolting horror films I have seen in years.” (Daily Express review, 1958). Filmed in lurid technicolour for the first time, Hammer’s sexually charged Gothic nightmare blew away the black and white cobwebs of all previous versions and, with dripping blood and bared fangs, reinvented the image of the Count. Christopher Lee’s snarling, hissing portrayal became a model on how to transform a well-known character. His hot blooded animal instincts contrast brilliantly with Peter Cushing’s cool scientific rationalism in the role of Van Helsing. A watershed moment in the history of on-screen eroticism and gore, the film was key to the development of the horror film, sending shock waves through the decades that followed. It retains much of its bite today. This event will feature an introduction by Gareth Miles and the screening of the movie. Refreshments will be served. Doors will open at 6:30 PM. Book your tickets. 


Published on 12th October 2017

The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs presents the Ultimate Halloween Horror Event… In the world-famous haunted site of London Tombs, winner of “the best horror attraction in the world”, scare-fans can descend on a journey through their worst nightmares. Phobophobia journeys through a terrifying dark labyrinth of horror within the haunted bowels of hell – which, with every passing second, becomes progressively more evil! Halloween shows run from 21st-31st October, 10am – 5pm: All ages 6pm – 10pm: Adults Only BOOK HERE