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Hip Hop Karaoke

Published on 01st January 2024

Amazing Grace presents… Hip Hop Karaoke!   For the last decade, DJ’s Rob Pursey, Jimmy Plates, and host Bobby Champagne Jr., have helped thousands of people live out their rap fantasies! This is your chance to perform on our stage to the best crowd in London! Over the years Hip Hop Karaoke has established itself as a a true ‘bucket list’ experience. With hundreds of songs to choose from, from artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Cypress Hill, and Jay-Z, this is the public’s chance to experience what it’s like to feel a real crowd energy as they take on the rhythm and rhymes of their favourite rappers. Gather all your friends, even more drinks for your table, close the doors, shut the curtains, fire up that smoke machine, and the 3D mapping projections, and grab the mic – It’s karaoke time! February 1st  4pm – 1am Find out more Reserve a table or simply walk-in! Reserve Your Table Here