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Parade: Make Music Day

Published on 20th May 2019

Part of international free music festival Make Music Day UK, carnival band Kinetika Bloco will lead a parade along the Low Line, London’s emerging walking destination. As Kinetika Bloco weave their way through the base of the viaduct with their upbeat mix of music influenced by the Caribbean, Brazil, West and South Africa, New Orleans jazz, funk and hip hop, you will find yourself immersed in the energy of their performance as the music fills unexpected, fascinating spaces on the route Kinetika Bloco musicians will be placed along the route so you can see them performing before they join the parade. There will also be points along the route where audiences can listen to live music too including the Singology Choir (6.30pm) at London Bridge Station with their blend of gospel, pop and soul songs; London Youth Folk Ensemble (7.20pm) in Potters Fields Park; Tongue and Groove Choir (6.30pm) in St John’s Churchyard and Zarif outside Hop King (7pm). TIMELINE OF EVENTS At each point the parade passes along where there are bands playing, marked with a (*) in the timeline below, the band will stop and jam together for a few minutes, before moving on towards its final destination in the Scoop. Please note that as this is a live parade, times may be subject to slight alterations. 6.30pm Parade starts at Beormund Centre 6.40pm Doodle Bar 6.45pm Meets Tongue and Groove in St John’s Churchyard* 6.50pm Hop King 6.55pm Underdog Bar and Gallery 7.00pm Vinegar Yard 7.05pm Meets Singology Choir in London Bridge Station in Stainer Street* 7.25pm Meets London Youth Folk Ensemble in Potters Fields* 7.45pm Performs in The Scoop* To see a list of all Make Music Day events in London Bridge click here.