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Tell us about your London Bridge Placemarks

Published on 16th June 2017

London Bridge, Shad Thames and Old Bermondsey are three thriving, very different neighbourhoods within north Southwark. The history of these places is well documented, but what is the contemporary character of each and what is it based on? What is a Placemark?   Placemarks are things that shape the character of our areas. We want to ensure that the unique character of these places is understood, celebrated and protected by mapping these local Placemarks. They can be views, buildings, open spaces, trees, public art, street furniture, rights of way, signs, names and many other things. Three local organisations, Team London Bridge, STAMP (Shad Thames Area Management Partnership) and BSAP (Bermondsey Street Area Partnership) are working together to find out what Placemarks local people think define the characters of our areas. How to take part? We are using the Commonplace tool to map the Placemarks and allow the community to share their comments publicly. To take part simply click on the + symbol below, pin your Placemark to the map and tell us about it.   View larger map