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Temakinho: where Japanese tradition meets Brazilian vibes

Published on 11th June 2019


New to foodie hot-spot One Tower Bridge, Temakinho brings a unique flavour to the neighbourhood, where Japanese culinary tradition meets with the flavour and personality of Brazil. We speak to Culinary Director, Fabiano Molina about Temakinho’s journey so far.   Tell us about the journey of Temakinho so far? Temakinho started back in Italy in 2012 with a single smaller restaurant in the historical Navigli district in Milan and quickly grew to become what is today: the leading restaurant company in Europe, specialised in Nikkei cuisine. Currently, Temakinho is a family of 12 restaurants in Italy, Spain and UK, directly managed by its original founders, and new openings are announced every month. In April, we opened our fifth Temakinho in Milan and in June, we’re opening our first restaurant in Florence. What makes Temakinho unique to the sushi scene? In our restaurants, Japanese culinary tradition meets with the taste, colours and vibes of Brazil bringing a unique culinary experience to life, using sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients. In Brazilian sushi restaurants, everything from the decor to the way food is presented on “boats” or on large bamboo plates features a more traditional Japanese style. There’s Japanese music playing and you only drink sakè or green tea. Temakinho introduced a revolution on the European sushi scene with vibrant beautiful restaurants, wallpaper, Brazilian music playing and the pairing of Brazilian sushi, served on beautiful plates with caipirinhas. More recently, we’ve expanded our vegetarian offer to meet the needs of an increasing customer base highly sensitive to contemporary environmental issues and ethical sourcing. What were the deciding factors in choosing London Bridge as Temakinho’s latest location? We wanted to open our second restaurant in London, the first one is in Soho, so we decided to invest in One Tower Bridge because it’s an iconic location, surrounded by an outstanding view. The area is fresh,  vibrant and with a booming nightlife.  If you could summarize Temakinho’s menu in 3 words, what would they be? Exotic; because is something you don’t have the chance to try every day, I’m quite sure that lots of non-Brazilians never tried something like this! Healthy because it’s well-balanced food, made with fresh ingredients, certified-sustainable fish, organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. Addictive! Once you try it, you keep coming back for more!  What’s your favourite thing to do in London Bridge? Since I’m always looking for inspiration to create new food pairings and unique ingredient combinations, I like to go to the London Bridge Borough Market and wander among the stalls. There’s vendors specialized in exotic fruits and meats, others selling different types of coffee, and you can find all sorts of street food, cakes, pastries and cheese. This process helps me create new recipes and unexpected flavor combinations. Finally, if we had to order just one thing on the menu, what would it be and why? Roll Rio Bananal, made with breaded salmon, banana and cream cheese. It’s a perfect mix between sweet and salty, and the result is a flavour you could never possibly imagine. Addictive! Visit Temakinho at  Potters Field Park, One Tower Bridge London SE1 2SD


Published on 09th March 2017

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