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Tanner & Co

Published on 09th March 2017

At Tanner & Co we believe in good quality food and great cocktails, superb beers and fine wines – all served in a unique environment that is relaxed and full of fun. Eat – Our menus are designed to take you back while bringing you bang up-to-date… traditional with an all important twist. From our signature bacon & black pudding scotch-egg, to our home cured beef, we believe in using the best ingredients, lovingly crafted in to dishes that are heartily comforting. … And for the uninitiated – our Gentleman’s Relish is a must! Drink – What is life without a drink and a song? Pretty dull! At Tanner & Co we enjoy a cheeky tipple, but we like to do it in style… be it a humble but honest beer, the infamous Bermondsey Street Bootleg or a dip in Samuel Pepys Cup, our cocktail, wine & beer list is bound to delight. Tanner & Co