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Julie Mehretu at White Cube Bermondsey

Published on 31st August 2023

Julie Mehretu – They departed into their own country another way at White Cube Bermondsey 15 September – 5 November 2023 This exhibition will mark Julie Mehretu’s fifth solo presentation at White Cube. One of the most influential artists of her generation, Mehretu’s complex, multi-layered, calligraphic language is acutely attuned to the constant transformation of the political moment. Returning to White Cube’s Bermondsey site for the first time since ‘Liminal Squared’ in 2013, the exhibition will encompass all of the gallery’s spaces and debut three new series of paintings. Two of these series are executed in ink and acrylic on canvas, with the third comprising new work on semi-translucent polyester mesh. Working with imagery originating from current affairs media sources as well as other channels, specific works reference the ongoing war in Ukraine and the US Capitol insurrection of 6 January 2021, Mehretu translates the material to arrive at her own distinctive form of abstraction. Find out more

Mimi Lauter at White Cube Bermondsey

Published on 06th April 2023

White Cube is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Mimi Lauter, the artist’s first in London. Titled ‘Ruach’ – a Hebrew word for spirit, wind or breath – Lauter’s new group of works is inspired by the natural world and the cyclical rhythm of plants. 5 April – 14 May 2023 Inside the White Cube | White Cube Bermondsey Born in San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles, Lauter works primarily with soft pastel and oil pastel on paper, a delicate medium that lends an immediacy and fragile beauty to her work. Conceiving of painting as a theatrical space, her work is often large in scale, comprising multi-part constellations that together take the form of a mural. By contrast, the artist’s subject matter evokes a feeling of intimacy, and speaks to a private experience of the existential and the transcendent. Find out more 

Cerith Wyn Evans Exhibition

Published on 06th January 2020

Coinciding with his acclaimed solo exhibition “….the Illuminating Gas” at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan, Cerith Wyn Evans presents an exhibition of new work installed across the entire White Cube Bermondsey gallery, in his largest White Cube show to date. Find out more.

Anselm Kiefer at White Cube Bermondsey

Published on 30th October 2019

White Cube Bermondsey presents a major solo exhibition by Anselm Kiefer encompassing large-scale painting and installation. Find out more Image: Anselm Kiefer, ‘Il mistero delle cattedrali‘, South Gallery 2011

Harmony Hammond at White Cube Bermondsey

Published on 30th July 2019

White Cube Bermondsey presents the first European solo exhibition by Harmony Hammond (b.1944, Chicago). The American artist, curator, author and activist was a pivotal figure of the feminist art movement in New York, co-founding in 1972, A.I.R., the first women’s cooperative art gallery in the city, and the journal Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics in 1977. Hammond’s earliest feminist work combined gender politics with Post-Minimalist concerns for material and process, frequently occupying a space between painting and sculpture – a focus that continues to this day.

Mona Hatoum at White Cube Bermondsey

This is the first presentation of Mona Hatoum’s work in London since Tate Modern in 2016. The exhibition includes new and recent installation, sculpture and works on paper. Hatoum’s work reflects on subjects that arise from our current global condition, including systems of confinement, the architecture of surveillance and themes of mobility and conflict. Channelling the poetic charge and metaphoric resonance of a wide range of materials from steel, brick and concrete, to rubble, glass and human hair, in this exhibition she explores the elemental forms of the grid and the sphere, drawing on both the geometric rigour of Minimalist sculpture and the possibilities for its formal collapse. Find out more

The Real: Three Propositions at White Cube Bermondsey

‘The Real: Three Propositions’ presents paintings and drawings by Peter Dreher, Konrad Klapheck and Des Lawrence, all of whom use precise, figurative styles to depict people, places and things. These artists merge realms of appearance and consciousness to varying degrees in their work, intermixing objectivity and subjectivity as they conjure things and their meanings in two dimensions. At a time when images and information, factual and fictional, circulate instantaneously, they ask the viewer to slow down and to consider how matter and mind intertwine when the world is re-envisioned. Find out more

Sarah Morris at White Cube Bermondsey

Published on 03rd May 2019

White Cube Bermondsey presents Sarah Morris’s first solo show in the UK in six years; Machines do not make us into Machines. Featuring paintings, films, a site-specific wall painting as well as the artist’s first sculptural work, the exhibition reflects Morris’s interest in networks, typologies, architecture, language and the city. Employing an architecture of colourful and abstract forms, Morris’s paintings play on the viewer’s sense of visual recognition. She incorporates a wide range of references, from the graphic identity of multinational corporations and the structure of urban transport systems to the iconography of maps, GPS technology, as well as the movement of people within urban areas. Visit website 17th April – 30th June

Doris Salcedo White Cube

Doris Salcedo Exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey

Published on 03rd October 2018

Doris Salcedo is the latest artist to exhibit at White Cube Bermondsey. The exhibition reflects Salcedo’s continued focus on the experience of mourning and the connection between violence, anonymity and public space. ‘The experience of an individual is always my point of departure. But during the process of making an artwork, I must maintain a distance in order to leave that person intact, untouched. And from there, as soon as I begin working, everything enters into the paradoxical terrain of art.’ In her work Salcedo questions and exposes trauma by exploring its capacity to reveal and connect with grief, carving out a space for mourning that is both poignant and insistent. ‘My work is about the memory of experience, which is always vanishing, not about experiences taken from life’, she has said. The exhibition is open from 28th September – 11th November 2018.