Discover London Bridge with our self-guided walking itineraries

London Bridge is one of the capital’s oldest and most iconic neighbourhoods, boasting artistic, medical, historical and maritime connections to events that have shaped the city’s history. Our walks have been mapped in order to introduce you to some of these connections, old and new.

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Art Walk 1:
Tooley Street Triangle

Suggested route: begin at Hay’s Galleria by London Bridge Station and ends at Bermondsey Square. This will take approximately 50 minutes.

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Art Walk 2:
The Navigators

Suggested route: begin at Hay's Galleria, end at Tanner Street Park. This will take approximately 60 minutes.

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London Bridge:
Green Space Trail

The Greenspaces around London Bridge shed light on its complex culture and history, and on the people and communities shaping its future.

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Low Line

Re-imagine London Bridge through music. Musicity invites musicians and recording artists to compose tracks in response to buildings and spaces. Follow our tour or listen at home.